1. Building My Personal Brand: The Stepping Stone to Favoriot’s Success
  2. From Research Lab Critiques to Startup Pitches: My Slide Story
  3. The Illusion of RFPs in the IoT World: Managing Expectations as a Startup
  4. Favoriot’s Odyssey: Navigating the Rough Waters of Early Revenue
  5. From Early Days to VC Pursuit: A Startup Founder’s Odyssey
  6. Blogging My Way Through Entrepreneurship: A Habit I Cherish
  7. Beyond Accolades: The Real Impact on Our Entrepreneurial Journey
  8. Embracing the Diverse Entrepreneurial Journey: Why Success Takes Different Roads
  9. The Subtle Art of Hiring: A Peek Into My Experience
  10. The Entrepreneur’s Balancing Act: A Deep Dive into the Complexities of Startup Product Pricing
  11. The Timing Trap: Our Venture with an IoT Solution and a Global Pandemic
  12. Navigating Product Failure: A Tale of Three Missteps and Lessons Learned
  13. Networking in Startup: An Introvert’s Tale of Growth and Connection
  14. The Startup Burnout: A Founder’s Tale of Striving, Stress, and Solace
  15. The Entrepreneur’s Challenge: Navigating the Pitfalls of Lack of Focus
  16. The Crucial Importance of Product-Market Fit: Lessons from My Entrepreneurship Journey
  17. Embracing Change: Lessons Learned from Clinging to Three Products without Pivoting
  18. Learning on the Go: The Power of Podcasts in My Daily Commute
  19. Learning from Mistakes: Building the Fourth Product – Favoriot IoT Platform
  20. Building the Right Team: My Journey of Managing a Startup
  21. Navigating The Storm: Managing Cash Flow in a Bootstrapped Startup
  22. Outpacing the Startup Race: Lessons Learned from Building a Citizen Engagement App
  23. Finding Harmony in Chaos: My Journey of Building 4 Products
  24. Embracing Life’s Adventure: My Journey From an Academician to an Entrepreneur
  25. How To Increase Your Paid Users From Free Users
  26. 7 Tips How to Get Your Startup Acquired
  27. Advice From ChatGPT as The Investor
  28. When No New Ideas Are Generated
  29. Dateline for the Next eBook
  30. Academia, Industry & Government
  31. Starting The Next IoT Ebook
  32. An Entrepreneur – The Last Career
  33. IoT eBooks by Mazlan Abbas
  34. Navigating the Entrepreneurial Journey with Limited Funds
  35. Navigating the IoT Wave: Secrets to Capturing the IoT Platform Market
  36. Audience Personas for Favoriot IoT Platform
  37. Social Media Strategy for Favoriot IoT Platform
  38. Innovate or Die: Embracing Steve Jobs’ Principles to Catapult Favoriot to IoT Stardom
  39. How We Define the “Why” of FAVORIOT
  40. FAVORIOT 6th Anniversary – The Journey Continues!
  41. IoT Projects from Education to Commercialisation
  42. 8 Top Challenges Building a Citizen Engagement App
  43. 6 Great Challenges Building an IoT Solution for Hajj
  44. How We Build Our Fourth IoT Product
  45. On a Journey of IoTising Business
  46. How We Build Our Third IoT Product
  47. How We Build Our Second IoT Product
  48. How We Build Our First IoT Product
  49. How Silicon Valley Changed My View on the World of Startups

Thought Leadership

  1. Diving Deep into the Vortex of Social Media Content Creation: A Journey of Timeless Engagement
  2. How I Build a Blog Article That Gave Me 10 Times Traffic Views
  3. My Journey to Building an Engaged TikTok Following Through IoT Education
  4. My Journey With 6 Social Media Channels
  5. How To Increase Comfort in Your Daily Life
  6. Authority in IoT
  7. 5 Successful Traits of Mazlan Abbas: A Journey of Excellence
  8. Passion is Key to Sustainability
  9. How I Started My YouTube Channel
  10. How to Avoid Procrastination
  11. How to Overcome Fears on Media and Public Speaking
  12. From Introvert to Confident Speaker: Tips for Navigating Public Speaking
  13. 37.5% Increase of Views in May 2023
  14. The Person Who Had A Positive Impact on My Life
  15. IoT eBooks by Mazlan Abbas
  16. Automate Your Digital Lifestyle
  17. How Blogs Have Changed
  18. Morning – Most Productive Time
  19. Thought Leadership 101: How to Become an Authority in Your Industry
  20. How Many Blogs Can You Sustain?
  21. Dilemma to Maintain More Than Two Personal Blogs
  22. Personal Branding and Reputation Building: The Role of Conference Speaking
  23. One Positive Change
  24. IoT Infographics (Your IoT Journey Guide) – New eBook Release!
  25. 8 Tips to Avoid Making Boring Presentations
  26. 3 Ways to Become a Thought Leader
  27. How to Become a Thought Leader – The Beginning
  28. Real Books vs. E-Books – Why I Choose
  29. How Lifelogging Change The Way I Track My Life
  30. How to Become a Thought Leader (And Win)
  31. How the Amount of Views Encourage Blogging
  32. How We Build a New Generation-IoT Movement
  33. Why IoT Adventure Book?
  34. 18 Tips – How to Use Twitter to Drive Traffic to Your Blog
  35. Year 2022 – The Death of Blogging
  36. The Year I Started To Blog
  37. Welcome to Mazlan Abbas Blog


  1. The Exciting Fusion of IoT, AI, and Robotics: A Vision of A Smarter Future
  2. Does AI Pose a Risk to Human Jobs?
  3. Malaysia must capitalise on AI-based tools like ChatGPT
  4. Bard vs. ChatGPT: The 8 Free Features That Set Bard Apart
  5. ChatGPT Cheat Sheet
  6. Step-by-Step How to Use Midjourney with ChatGPT and AIPRM
  7. Midjourney Prompt Tips: Using Sketch To Create Image
  8. Same Prompt Different Output: Midjourney vs. Bing Image Creator vs. DALL-E
  9. Transform Your Social Media Content with the Power of Midjourney Prompts
  10. IoT Heroes – The Movie
  11. IoT Kingdom – The Movie
  12. Walk Alone – The Movie


  1. Travel to Saudi – Preparations

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