Embracing Change: Lessons Learned from Clinging to Three Products without Pivoting

In the dynamic world of entrepreneurship, the ability to adapt and pivot is often the key to survival. Unfortunately, my experience building three products taught me the hard way about the consequences of clinging on stubbornly without embracing change. We held on to these products, hoping for the best, but the time to pivot had come, and we failed to seize the opportunities for transformation.

The First Product: A Reluctant Farewell
The first product was close to our hearts, and we had invested almost five years in its development. Despite our emotional attachment, we realized that the market demand was not sufficient to sustain its life. We attempted to pivot by expanding into new market segments, but we struggled to gain traction. Ultimately, we had to accept the harsh reality and make the difficult decision to end its life.

The Second Product: Smart City Dreams Unfulfilled
The second product was ambitious, targeting smart cities with innovative solutions. We believed in its potential and held on to the hope that it would be accepted eventually. However, that day never came. Paid customers remained elusive, and our refusal to pivot resulted in a prolonged struggle for relevance.

The Third Product: A Game without Winners
Our third product, a consumer game, failed to gain significant traction. Despite recognizing the lack of momentum, we were reluctant to give up. We attempted to pivot towards enterprise customers, but the true buy-in we sought remained out of reach.

Learning the Importance of Pivoting
Through these experiences, we learned the value of being agile and customer-focused. Pivoting doesn’t always mean abandoning a product entirely; it can be as simple as finding new market segments or making strategic changes. Our reluctance to pivot cost us time and valuable resources, but it was an invaluable lesson in recognizing the need to adapt to changing circumstances.

The Consequences of Refusing to Change
Clutching onto a sinking ship is a dangerous gamble. Similarly, refusing to change course when faced with roadblocks can lead to stagnation and eventual failure. The refusal to pivot can be likened to steering blindly towards a dead-end.

Embracing Agile and Customer-Focused Approach
These experiences have transformed our approach to product development and entrepreneurship. We now understand the importance of staying agile and being attuned to the needs and preferences of our customers. We have embraced a customer-focused mindset, seeking feedback and leveraging insights to refine our products continually.

Conclusion: A Lesson Learned
Clinging on to products without being willing to pivot can be a costly mistake. Our journey has taught us that in the ever-changing landscape of entrepreneurship, adaptability is paramount. We have learned from our failures and are now committed to embracing change, transforming challenges into opportunities, and building products that truly resonate with our target audience.

The road to success is not without obstacles, but with a more agile and customer-focused approach, we are better equipped to navigate the ever-evolving entrepreneurial landscape and create products that not only survive but thrive in the face of change.

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Author: Mazlan Abbas

IOT Evangelist

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