How Blogs Have Changed

How Blogs Have Changed

In the early days, Blogs are purely written articles. The main reason is the Internet was relatively slow.

I remember when we are using dial-up and downloading an article with images can be very frustrating. The photos appear slowly on our screen; at times, they will “hang” and not be downloaded fully.

But as the speed of the Internet progresses, we can now view richer multimedia content, from audio and images to videos.

And with that, Blogs have changed from purely written content to a mixture of content.

Earlier, people perceived video would take over the written content, but it’s false. There are pros and cons of having to consume video.

Some people don’t like to consume video at the office because you need to switch on the sound, or sometimes it’s very difficult to scan through the overall content; unlike written content, you can quickly browse through the whole topic and focus on the ones that you want to read.

But if some people prefer audio, you might want to do podcasting. The fantastic thing about podcasts is that people will listen to your voice, and you seem to be talking to them directly – everywhere and anytime.

Here are my Podcast Channels and my YouTube channels.

However, in 2023, Blogs have changed – bloggers started to combine several media into their blogs – photos, presentation slides, podcasts, and videos. It can be easily embedded into the blogs.

Check out Problogger podcast Episode 187, “Is Written Content Dead?“. Very interesting point of view.

Author: Mazlan Abbas

IOT Evangelist

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