IoT eBooks by Mazlan Abbas

Here’re the list of eBooks which I have written.

(1) IoT Notes

Download IoT Notes – HERE

IoT Notes: Learning Outcomes

  1. Comprehensive Understanding of IoT and its Applications: Upon completing the ebook, readers will gain a solid understanding of the Internet of Things (IoT), its components, and applications. This knowledge will extend to the IoT inflection point and the reasons behind its significance in the current technological climate.
  2. Profound Insights into the Fourth Industrial Revolution and Industry 4.0: Readers will develop a strong grasp of the concepts of the Fourth Industrial Revolution and Industry 4.0, including their differences and their interconnectedness. They will also gain an understanding of how technology is creating ripples throughout various aspects of society and business.
  3. IoT Business Models and Impact on Businesses: The ebook will equip readers with an understanding of seven IoT business models, their key success factors, challenges, and potential effects on businesses. This knowledge will help them assess and navigate the rapidly changing IoT landscape.
  4. Understanding IoT Protocols, Architectures, and Networks: Readers will gain insights into the differences between MQTT and HTTP protocols, as well as an understanding of IoT architecture, including the 7-layer OSI model and the 7-layer IoT model. The ebook will also cover various network options and provide comparisons between LPWAN solutions.
  5. Proficiency in IoT Tools, Platforms, and Programming Languages: The ebook will help readers understand the advantages of using Arduino in IoT projects, explore popular programming languages within the IoT domain, and learn about IoT platforms, such as the Favoriot IoT Platform. This knowledge will enable them to make informed decisions when selecting tools and platforms for their IoT projects.
  6. Skills in System Integration and IoT Engineering: By the end of the ebook, readers will have a solid understanding of system integration in the context of both the Fourth Industrial Revolution and IoT. They will learn how to implement system integration, and gain insights into the top 10 skills required to become a successful IoT engineer.

(2) Your IoT Journey

Download Your IoT Journey eBook – HERE

Your IoT Journey: Learning Outcomes

  1. Addressing IoT Challenges and Market Segmentation: Readers will gain insights into the main challenges faced by IoT service providers, as well as an understanding of IoT target markets, including consumer (B2C) and enterprise (B2B) segments. This knowledge will help them make informed decisions in their IoT ventures.
  2. IoT Cloud Services and Monetization: The ebook will introduce learners to the concept of “Sensing-as-a-Service” as a new IoT cloud service and guide them on how to monetize IoT data to become commercial sensor service providers. This understanding will enable readers to explore new business opportunities and revenue streams in the IoT domain.
  3. IoT Adoption and Industry Trends: Readers will be equipped with the knowledge of the factors influencing IoT adoption rates, the early adopters of IoT, and the trends and predictions for IoT in Malaysia. This information will help them stay informed about the IoT landscape and make strategic decisions in this rapidly evolving field.
  4. Leveraging IoT for Smart Cities and Citizen Engagement: The ebook will discuss various ways IoT can be applied to smart city development, from flood prevention to building citizen engagement solutions. This understanding will enable readers to explore innovative applications of IoT for improving urban life.
  5. IoT and Job Market Implications: Readers will gain insights into the potential impact of IoT on the job market, including job creation and displacement. This knowledge will help them understand the changing dynamics of the workforce and identify opportunities and challenges in a world increasingly shaped by IoT.
  6. IoT in the Context of Industry 4.0 and National Strategies: The ebook will discuss the connection between IoT, Industry 4.0, and Malaysia’s National IoT Strategic Roadmap. Understanding this context will allow readers to better grasp the broader implications of IoT on national and global scales and its potential to drive future development.

Author: Mazlan Abbas

IOT Evangelist

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