Academia, Industry & Government

What jobs have you had?

I’ve had the privilege to work in three diverse sectors: academia, industry, and government, with ten, twenty-one, and eight years of experience respectively.

In academia, my endeavors included teaching, conducting research, authoring academic papers and journals, as well as presenting at conferences.

My time in the industry was spent across two telecommunications companies and my own startup. I acquired leadership skills, managing everything from small teams to larger divisions with over 100 staff members.

While in government roles, I collaborated with numerous agencies, overseeing multimillion-dollar R&D projects and generating patents.

These experiences provided me with an understanding of various issues – from educational challenges to those surrounding research and development. I learned how to manage large divisions, even acting as the CEO of a subsidiary, and how to establish my own products and services as an entrepreneur.

I have had the opportunity to work in large corporations with abundant resources, and in contrast, in startups with limited funding and manpower.

The journey took me from being an employee to becoming an employer, understanding both perspectives. My career has spanned from the era of analog technology (IR 1.0) to the digital, Internet, and AI era (IR 4.0)

These valuable experiences, for which I am deeply grateful, have equipped me to contribute meaningfully to the younger generation.

What else could one wish for?

Now we are 6 year old (since 2017)

Author: Mazlan Abbas

IOT Evangelist

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