My Journey to Building an Engaged TikTok Following Through IoT Education

When I embarked on my journey to create an educational TikTok channel focusing on the Internet of Things (IoT), I was brimming with optimism. I envisioned myself as a digital pioneer, breaking down the complexities of IoT into bite-sized nuggets of wisdom for my audience. I was determined to explain the basics of IoT, elaborate on its benefits, and illuminate its numerous applications. The results, however, were humbling. My likes and followers grew at a sluggish pace, making me question if I was on the right track.

I pondered my approach and decided to pivot. Instead of merely disseminating information about IoT, I shifted my focus to address the current issues and challenges faced by IoT developers. By addressing the struggles and pain points in the field, I hoped to add an extra layer of relevance and engagement to my content.

The shift in approach paid off! I noticed a gradual increase in likes, comments, and shares. But the most gratifying change was the deeper level of engagement. My followers began to pose thought-provoking questions, sparking robust discussions on my channel. By answering these questions, I was not just fostering an active learning environment, but also cementing my place as a go-to resource for IoT-related knowledge.

I discovered my content had struck a chord with an audience I hadn’t initially anticipated. Youngsters and university students started to flock to my channel, seeking knowledge and guidance on IoT. It turns out that educational, or “edutainment,” content was the magic formula that resonated with this demographic.

The transformation of my TikTok channel has been a revelation. I now see that my platform is not just about sharing what I know, but also about creating a community where knowledge exchange happens. With this newfound understanding, I am committed to continuing my edutainment-focused content to serve and enrich the community.

This journey has taught me that engaging followers isn’t just about doling out information, but about addressing their concerns, answering their questions, and creating content that is relevant and relatable. As I look forward to the growth of my TikTok channel, I remain rooted in these valuable lessons that have shaped my journey so far.

Author: Mazlan Abbas

IOT Evangelist

One thought on “My Journey to Building an Engaged TikTok Following Through IoT Education”

  1. Interesting! I think on TikTok, with mostly Gen Z audience, they get more engaged with relevant information and visualization combined with the up-to-date songs and editing. They unconsciously learn it. They shift focus easily, so old ways of teaching won’t work.

    Congratulations, Pak Mazlan! I need to learn more about this too, to write or someday makes engaging videos on social media that is attractive, suitable, and educational.

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