Building the Favoriot Brand: My Journey Through Alternative Media Channels

Starting a small startup like Favoriot comes with its own set of challenges, one of the biggest being visibility. When traditional media channels like TV and radio are often too costly or selective, it’s time to get creative. Here’s my personal account of how we used alternative mediums, primarily social media channels, to build and promote the Favoriot brand.

The Dilemma: Traditional Media vs. Budget Constraints

Getting featured on mainstream media is a dream for many startups, but the reality is harsh. Either you’re compelling enough to get picked up organically, or you pay a premium to make it happen. For a small startup, both options are challenging. This is why we turned to the more budget-friendly and engaging world of social media for our marketing needs.

Our Alternative Media Arsenal

We realized that for every traditional media channel that seemed out of reach, there was an alternative platform online that could be just as effective:

  • Podcasts Instead of Radio: We started our own podcast series, sharing industry insights, interviewing experts, and discussing our journey. It’s a fantastic way to create a more personal connection with our audience.
  • YouTube Instead of TV: We launched a YouTube channel, using it as a platform to showcase product demos, customer testimonials, and behind-the-scenes footage of life at Favoriot.
  • Digital Posters: We replaced expensive billboards with visually striking digital posters on platforms like Instagram and Pinterest.
  • Blogs Instead of Newspapers: Our blog serves as a hub for sharing valuable content, from how-to guides to industry trends, keeping our audience informed and engaged.

Zeroing In: Focusing on High-Impact Channels

We started by casting a wide net across various platforms, but soon noticed that some channels yielded better results in terms of engagement and followers. After some analysis, we narrowed our focus to TikTok, YouTube, Facebook, and LinkedIn. These platforms provided the right audience and the engagement metrics we were looking for.

More Than Just Sales: Building Trust and Brand Recognition

Our goal was not just to drive sales, but to create a brand that people could know and trust. We are continuously sharing updates, celebrating milestones, and telling stories that resonate with our audience. Whether they make a purchase now or later is secondary; we want Favoriot to be a brand that people remember and recommend.

Lessons Learned

  • Be Adaptable: Not all channels will work for you. Don’t hesitate to pivot when needed.
  • Content is King: Good quality content can make a significant difference in engagement.
  • Consistency is Key: Keeping a consistent posting schedule helps keep the brand fresh in the minds of the public.


Building the Favoriot brand using alternative media channels has been an enlightening journey. It has taught us that you don’t need a big budget to make a big impact. By using the resources available to us wisely and focusing on building a strong, trustworthy brand, we’ve succeeded in carving out our own space in the market. And this is just the beginning.

Building My Personal Brand: The Stepping Stone to Favoriot’s Success

Every brand has a story, but my journey is slightly unconventional. My personal brand’s inception wasn’t with the intent to sell or pitch, but to share and enlighten. This chronicle started way back in 2014, long before Favoriot was even a twinkle in my eye.

Laying the Foundation: The IoT Advocate

In 2014, the Internet of Things (IoT) was a term only the tech-savvy were familiar with. Driven by a deep-seated passion for technology and its potential, I ventured into the world of social media to voice my insights. Platforms like Twitter and LinkedIn became my playground where I shared my musings on IoT and its implications for smart cities.

This dedication did not go unnoticed. Invitations started pouring in, asking me to lend my voice to discussions, seminars, and workshops centered around IoT and smart city solutions. I was relishing my role as an IoT thought leader.

Transitioning to Favoriot: The Underdog Story

Then came Favoriot – a startup, our brainchild. In its nascent stages, while my personal brand thrived, Favoriot was still finding its footing. However, I had an ace up my sleeve – the trust and recognition I had garnered over the years.

With each speaking engagement and social media post, I started weaving in Favoriot’s mission and vision. I introduced my audience to the solutions and innovations Favoriot was bringing to the IoT landscape.

The Ripple Effect: Personal Brand to Business Boom

The beauty of personal branding is the ripple effect it can create. The trust, recognition, and respect I had cultivated with my personal brand began reflecting onto Favoriot. Slowly but surely, as my narrative shifted, the perception of Favoriot started changing. From an underdog startup, it began its transformation into an IoT powerhouse in Malaysia.

Today, when someone in Malaysia hears “IoT”, Favoriot isn’t far behind in the conversation. That business card with “Favoriot” emblazoned on it? It’s not just a company name; it’s a testament to the symbiotic relationship between personal and business branding.

In Retrospect: Branding is a Marathon, Not a Sprint

Building a brand, be it personal or business, isn’t an overnight endeavor. It’s a marathon of persistence, adaptability, and genuine passion. I look back at my journey with immense gratitude. The initial years of dedication to my personal brand laid a robust foundation for Favoriot’s success.

For every budding entrepreneur, remember: Your personal brand can be the strongest advocate for your business. Nurture it, leverage it, and watch the magic unfold.

Diving Deep into the Vortex of Social Media Content Creation: A Journey of Timeless Engagement

Which activities make you lose track of time?

As the sun stretches its rays over the horizon and a new day dawns, I embark on my daily journey of content creation. This is a vibrant and multifaceted dance, involving a whirlwind of activities across a multitude of platforms. From Facebook to LinkedIn, Twitter to TikTok, YouTube, and now even Threads, my digital footprint extends far and wide.

Creating content on these social media platforms isn’t just about reading or casually browsing; it’s an immersive task that draws me in, often making me lose track of time. Every platform has its unique essence and audience, and engaging each requires a nuanced approach and a great deal of time and dedication.

Video content creation, for example, is a whole new world in itself. It’s not simply filming a few seconds of footage and uploading it; it’s about meticulous storyboarding, thoughtful editing, adding effects, and more. The process demands creativity, attention to detail, and time – lots of it. Platforms like Midjourney come in handy for video editing, making this formidable task slightly more manageable.

Next up is graphic design. Whether it’s crafting eye-catching images or designing striking posters, the pursuit of the perfect visual to complement my content can be an absorbing one. Tools like Canva serve as reliable allies in this endeavour, providing me with an array of design possibilities at my fingertips.

While the morning hours are dedicated to content creation, the later part of the day is for distribution and publishing. Strategically timed to maximize engagement, each post is dispatched to its respective platform, set out into the digital ocean to find its audience.

Parallel to this, I also manage two active blogs. This isn’t simply about crafting compelling blog posts; it also involves vigilantly monitoring blog statistics. Every other hour, I find myself checking the stats, keenly observing which articles are making an impact and which ones need improvement.

In the fast-paced world of social media, being a content creator is a role that demands more than just creativity. It’s about managing time, juggling multiple tasks, and constantly learning and evolving. It’s a vortex that draws you in, a world where the tick-tock of the clock becomes just background noise. And even though it may seem overwhelming at times, the thrill of creating, connecting, and engaging makes every moment worth it.

As the sun sets, I look back at the day, tired but fulfilled. I’ve navigated the endless sea of social media, put forth my voice in the digital cacophony, and made my mark, one post at a time. And as I prepare for another day, I know that the world of content creation will continue to be an enthralling journey where time is merely a concept, easily forgotten in the vibrant hustle of creating and sharing.

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Twitter and many other social media channels

How I Build a Blog Article That Gave Me 10 Times Traffic Views

After almost two years of blogging on Mazlan Abbas Blog, I have found myself reflecting on the incredible journey we have been through together. It has been filled with ups, downs, lessons, and ultimately, success. The blog focuses on a myriad of topics such as entrepreneurship, thought leadership, startup adventures, and the ever-evolving world of social media.

The blogging journey began modestly. My aim was to contribute valuable content that would inspire and guide others on their entrepreneurial path. Every post was a labor of love, combining my personal experiences with knowledge gleaned from years of working in the startup sector.

Despite the hurdles, there was always a steady increase in views and reader engagement. This gave me the motivation to keep exploring and documenting my entrepreneurial journey, thought leadership, and startup growth strategies.

However, nothing could have prepared me for what happened in April 2023.

The turning point came in the form of a post titled “The Ultimate ChatGPT Cheat Sheets“. It was an effort to simplify the use of this artificial intelligence model for others who might find it intimidating or complex. The post provided easy-to-understand cheat sheets, creating a bridge between users and this AI language model.

Suddenly, the post went viral. The response was overwhelming. Readers from around the globe began flocking to the blog to consume this content. It felt like we had hit a gold mine of engagement and interest. The views on this post alone accounted for a whopping 50% of the total views on the blog, catapulting our monthly traffic tenfold in just three months.

As we dissected this sudden growth, we realized that the major chunk of our traffic came from Google search. The ‘The Ultimate ChatGPT Cheat Sheet‘ post was ranking high on search results, attracting a vast audience that we had not tapped into before. It seems Google had recognized the value our post provided and deemed it worthy of a higher rank, thus driving a significant amount of organic traffic to the blog.

In hindsight, the formula for this success was a combination of valuable, easy-to-understand content that met a need, and the mysterious workings of search engine algorithms that chose to favor our offering.

This experience has not only shaped my blogging journey but also shed light on the unpredictable nature of digital content. It has taught me that sometimes, all it takes is one viral post to propel a blog into the limelight.

As I continue to contribute to Mazlan Abbas Blog, I will remember this extraordinary phase, keeping in mind the power of valuable content and the influence of search engine rankings. It will serve as a testament to our potential and a benchmark for our future endeavors. Here’s to many more viral posts and an ever-growing readership!

My Journey to Building an Engaged TikTok Following Through IoT Education

When I embarked on my journey to create an educational TikTok channel focusing on the Internet of Things (IoT), I was brimming with optimism. I envisioned myself as a digital pioneer, breaking down the complexities of IoT into bite-sized nuggets of wisdom for my audience. I was determined to explain the basics of IoT, elaborate on its benefits, and illuminate its numerous applications. The results, however, were humbling. My likes and followers grew at a sluggish pace, making me question if I was on the right track.

I pondered my approach and decided to pivot. Instead of merely disseminating information about IoT, I shifted my focus to address the current issues and challenges faced by IoT developers. By addressing the struggles and pain points in the field, I hoped to add an extra layer of relevance and engagement to my content.

The shift in approach paid off! I noticed a gradual increase in likes, comments, and shares. But the most gratifying change was the deeper level of engagement. My followers began to pose thought-provoking questions, sparking robust discussions on my channel. By answering these questions, I was not just fostering an active learning environment, but also cementing my place as a go-to resource for IoT-related knowledge.

I discovered my content had struck a chord with an audience I hadn’t initially anticipated. Youngsters and university students started to flock to my channel, seeking knowledge and guidance on IoT. It turns out that educational, or “edutainment,” content was the magic formula that resonated with this demographic.

The transformation of my TikTok channel has been a revelation. I now see that my platform is not just about sharing what I know, but also about creating a community where knowledge exchange happens. With this newfound understanding, I am committed to continuing my edutainment-focused content to serve and enrich the community.

This journey has taught me that engaging followers isn’t just about doling out information, but about addressing their concerns, answering their questions, and creating content that is relevant and relatable. As I look forward to the growth of my TikTok channel, I remain rooted in these valuable lessons that have shaped my journey so far.

My Journey With 6 Social Media Channels

Social media has transformed into a bustling digital market square, where brands and individuals converge to exchange ideas, share experiences, and cultivate communities.

My journey through this dynamic landscape, interacting with diverse audiences, has provided fascinating insights into different platforms’ engagement metrics. Here, I’ll share a snapshot of my journey.

Facebook, TikTok, and LinkedIn: The Power Trio

The highest engagement in my social media portfolio comes from a diverse trio: Facebook, TikTok, and LinkedIn.

Facebook remains a sturdy pillar in my social media strategy. With its vast demographic reach, I’ve been able to engage with a broad audience, generating conversations that truly resonate. The in-built interactive features make it a conducive environment for generating likes, shares, and comments, fostering a strong sense of community.

TikTok, the newcomer in the digital arena, has proven incredibly powerful for engagement. The platform’s video-centric nature and algorithm have worked favorably, pushing my content to a broader audience. The high-energy, viral nature of TikTok has made it a fantastic platform to engage with younger demographics, fostering dynamic interactions.

LinkedIn, traditionally seen as a professional networking site, has surprisingly driven substantial engagement. By focusing on industry-related content and thought leadership, I’ve created meaningful interactions, drawing in professionals looking for expert insights and industry trends.

Twitter, Threads, and Instagram: The Underperformers

On the other end of the spectrum, Twitter, Threads, and Instagram have shown comparatively lower engagement rates.

Despite its real-time communication potential, Twitter engagement has been challenging. The fast-paced nature of the platform might be a factor, with tweets often getting lost in the feed’s rapid flow. The character limit can also restrict deeper conversations.

Threads, while providing a unique space for threaded conversations, hasn’t quite hit the mark for engagement. The platform is perhaps still gaining traction, making audience reach and engagement more limited.

Instagram, with its visually-driven interface, surprisingly falls into the lower engagement category. Despite posting visually appealing content, the platform’s recent algorithm changes seem to have affected reach and engagement negatively.

Final Thoughts

Navigating the social media landscape is a continuous learning journey. These engagement insights provide valuable guidance on where to focus efforts and how to adjust strategies for maximum impact. The goal is to continually experiment, learn, and adapt to the ever-evolving dynamics of each platform. As the journey continues, I remain committed to offering valuable content across all platforms, fostering genuine connections and community building in the digital world.

How I Started My YouTube Channel

I love gadgets and using latest tech. I wanted to document my experience and thus created a blog on this. Later, I decided to record and have my own YouTube channel.

The YouTube channel started almost 12 years ago. The first video was a Tutorial how to reduce a PDF file size using a Mac.

I named the channel “My Gadget” because most of the contents contained my gadget review. Especially the items which I purchased.

Also I reviewed about Apple iOS, the apps and the Jailbreak methods.

What’s interesting about the videos that was 12 years ago, it took quite an effort to record the video and edit them.

In the early videos, I was not that comfortable to speak in front of the camera. Thus, most of the videos are either silent or only with background music.

However, I am grateful and fortunate to first appear on TV9 called Segmen Gizmo being interviewed to comment on the recent gadget released by Apple.

28COE Quotes Book 100 Members Vol-2

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50 Copywriting Frameworks You Should Know When Using ChatGPT

📌 50 Copywriting Frameworks That You Should Know When Using ChatGPT :

✅ AIDA: Attention, Interest, Desire, Action
✅ PAS: Problem, Agitation, Solution
✅ 4Ps: Promise, Picture, Proof, Push
✅ Features and Benefits
✅ Before-After-Bridge
✅ Problem-Agitate-Solve
✅ FAB: Features, Advantages, Benefits
✅ Problem-Solution
✅ The 5Ws and 1H: Who, What, Where, When, Why, How
✅ The Power of Three
✅ The Rule of Seven
✅ Attention-Interest-Desire-Conviction-Action
✅ 4U: Urgent, Unique, Useful, Ultra-specific
✅ The Storytelling Framework
✅ The OATH Framework: Offer, Aspiration, Transformation, Hook
✅ SCAMPER: Substitute, Combine, Adapt, Modify, Put to another use, Eliminate, Reverse
✅ The Inverted Pyramid
✅ The Before-During-After Framework
✅ The CUBA Formula: Curiosity, Understanding, Benefits, Action
✅ The Problem-Agitation-Claim Framework
✅ The PSR Framework: Problem, Solution, Result
✅ The Reverse Testimonial Framework
✅ The FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) Framework
✅ The So-What Framework
✅ The APP Framework: Attention, Problem, Proposition
✅ The RACI Framework: Responsible, Accountable, Consulted, Informed
✅ The 3C Framework: Clear, Concise, Compelling
✅ The MECLABS Framework: Motivation, Expectation, Clarity, Likelihood, Value
✅ The PPPP Framework: Picture, Promise, Prove, Push
✅ The 4U2 Framework: Urgent, Unique, Useful, Ultra-specific
✅ The 5Cs Framework: Clear, Concise, Compelling, Credible, Customer-centric
✅ The PASTOR Framework: Problem, Amplify, Story, Testimonials, Offer, Response
✅ The SPIN Framework: Situation, Problem, Implication, Need-Payoff
✅ The FUD Framework: Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt
✅ The DCO Framework: Define, Categorize, Optimize
✅ The PESO Framework: Paid, Earned, Shared, Owned
✅ The 5S Framework: Short, Simple, Specific, Surprising, Storytelling
✅ The PPP Framework: Picture, Promise, Proof
✅ The PEPP Framework: Promise, Explanation, Proof, Push
✅ The 5Ps Framework: Promise, Picture, Proof, Persuasion, Push
✅ The S3 Framework: Surprise, Story, Significance
✅ The 5P Framework: Promise, Picture, Proof, Push, Postscript
✅ The VALUE Framework: Verify, Amplify, Link, Understand, Evaluate
✅ The ABT Framework: And, But, Therefore
✅ The 3M Framework: Meaningful, Memorable, Motivating
✅ The 4C Framework: Clear, Concise, Compelling, CTA
✅ The EIE Framework: Engage, Inform, Entertain
✅ The 4Fs Framework: Feel, Felt, Found, Future
✅ The SPAM Framework: Story, Problem, Amplify, Make them care
✅ The PAPA Framework: Promise, Attention, Proof, Action

Credit: Thanks to Khairul for posting this in his Facebook.