28COE Quotes Book 100 Members Vol-2

I am grateful to be invited to this 28COE (Credentials of Entrepreneurs) Quotes Book.

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Starting The Next IoT Ebook

Today, I began my journey of writing my next eBook. After completing my last two eBooks, I realized the need for a more comprehensive guide on IoT. I want to provide readers with an enhanced version of my previous book, “Your IoT Journey,” with even more valuable content.

However, as I pondered over the title, I started to have second thoughts about the original one. I believe a captivating title is crucial for attracting readers and conveying the objectives of the book effectively. So, I decided to brainstorm some alternative titles that would encompass the essence of the book while sparking curiosity. Here are a few options I came up with:

  1. Start Your IoT Business
  2. Your IoT Guide
  3. IoT Journey Guide
  4. Transform into IoT

I’m open to any suggestions or feedback on these titles. Feel free to share your thoughts and help me choose the perfect title for my upcoming eBook. Stay tuned for the next update!

New IoT eBook

37.5% Increase of Views in May 2023

This Blog started on Nov. 17, 2021.

However, beginning early this year (2023), I started to become more active. In 2022, I only posted 16 articles, but today (May 16, 2023), I have already posted 54 articles!

And the number of views have increased 37.5% and we have 6-7 more months in 2023. Most likely it will reached far higher than this by end of 2023.

This is what I did to make the difference:

  • Be more active in generating contents
  • Daily postings either through new articles or responding to WordPress Daily Prompts.
  • Post trending topics. Currently the topics are related to Generative AI such as ChatGPT, Bard, Midjourney and AIPRM
  • Post new tips and tutorials
  • Engage with other readers using WordPress Reader. Exchanging comments and give Likes.
  • Increased number of followers. Especially after I reach out and engage with other Bloggers
  • Using FB Page and WhatsApp Groups to share links. This help to attract new visitors.

I will keep this methods to increase more visitors and views.

What do think? What other methods did you use to increase traffic to your Blog?

Navigating the Entrepreneurial Journey with Limited Funds

You may be in a difficult situation as an aspiring entrepreneur with all the skills but limited funds. I’ve been there before and want to share some advice based on my experiences. The journey may be challenging, but with perseverance and self-belief, you can find a way to achieve your dreams.

Joining a Startup

One of the options I considered when I faced a similar predicament was joining a startup – either as a co-founder or an employee. Leveraging your entrepreneurial skill set, you can become a valuable asset to any company, and you should be confident in your ability to negotiate a fair compensation package for yourself.

If possible, try to find a job in the industry where you’re aspiring to launch a startup in the future. The exposure, learning, and experience you’ll gain will greatly benefit your future endeavors. Along the way, you’ll also have the opportunity to make some money, which can help you bootstrap your startup later. Plus, you’ll meet potential investors and build a network that can be invaluable when it’s time to raise funds for your venture.

Alternative Funding Options

If you’re determined to dive straight into entrepreneurship, consider exploring alternative funding options. You can raise funds from friends and family, find a co-founder who’s willing to invest in your idea (although they may want a significant stake in the company), or approach venture capitalist firms for funding. Each of these options has its own challenges, so be prepared to navigate them as you pursue your entrepreneurial dreams.


No matter which path you choose, I wish you the best of luck on your entrepreneurial journey. Remember, it’s all about perseverance and believing in yourself. You’ve got this, and with the right mindset and determination, you’ll find a way to overcome the financial hurdles and make your vision a reality.

Dilemma to Maintain More Than Two Personal Blogs

I must admit that I have many personal Blogs excluding the Professional Blogs such as IoT World.

But now, only two which seems to be more active than others.

Travelog Mazlan is one of the earlier ones which I have created but using WordPress domain (free).

And the one here (Mazlan Abbas Blog) which I have created using a domain which I subscribed.

The reason I build this Mazlan Abbas Blog is for my professional portfolio and to write about other topics than IoT – for example thought leadership, social media and entrepreneurship.

But then, I realised that Mazlan Abbas Blog lacked content because I frequently write on Travelog Mazlan Blog.

However, I also saw an increase of visitors traffic that constantly visit Mazlan Abbas Blog.

I am now in a dilemma which Blog should I focus? Should I answer the daily WordPress Prompt on Travelog Mazlan or Mazlan Abbas Blog?

What do you think?

Personal Branding and Reputation Building: The Role of Conference Speaking

Speaking at a technical conference is often daunting for many speakers as they invest their time and resources without any monetary compensation. However, the benefits of presenting at such an event are numerous and go beyond financial gain. Here are some of the benefits:

  1. Establishing Personal Brand: One of the most significant benefits of speaking at a conference is the opportunity to showcase one’s skills and expertise, which can help to build and solidify a personal brand.
  2. Public Relations: Speaking at a tech conference is a great public relations opportunity that can help promote your brand and bring new business opportunities.
  3. Networking: These events provide an excellent opportunity to network with peers, establish new connections, and build lasting relationships that can be valuable in the long run.
  4. Promotion and Recognition: Speaking at a conference can help you gain exposure and recognition within your industry and provide a platform to promote your services or products.
  5. Engaging with a Diverse Group of People: Engaging with a diverse group is one of the most valuable aspects of speaking at conferences. It allows you to meet and learn from individuals from different backgrounds and cultures, expanding your perspective and knowledge.
  6. Giving Back to the Community: Finally, speaking at a conference is a chance to share your knowledge and expertise with others, contributing to the community and leaving a lasting impact.

Speaking at a technical conference provides many benefits beyond financial gain. It can help establish a personal brand, provide public relations opportunities, network with peers, gain recognition and exposure, engage with a diverse group, and give back to the community.