Embracing Life’s Adventure: My Journey From an Academician to an Entrepreneur

Are you seeking security or adventure?

Adventure has always called out to me, much louder than the beckoning of security. The latter might entail a 9 to 5 job and the comfort of familiar surroundings. But the former? It promises an exploration of the unknown, an opportunity to constantly evolve, and the exhilarating thrill of novel experiences. This is why I’ve chosen to tread the path less taken, embarking on a diverse career journey that includes being an academician, researcher, telecommunications manager, and entrepreneur.

The Joy of Solo Travel

There’s a profound pleasure in discovering new places, and doing so alone adds an extra layer of allure. The solitary nature of these trips allows me to immerse myself more deeply in the experiences, unfiltered and unhindered by the perspectives of companions.

I’ve roamed through the busy city streets and quiet countryside of numerous countries, each journey teaching me more about the world and, in turn, about myself. I’ve felt the pulse of various cultures, tasted the flavors of foreign cuisines, and discovered the beauty of centuries-old historical sites. These experiences have not only broadened my horizon but also deepened my appreciation for diversity.

Diving into Entrepreneurship

Just like the thrill of setting foot in a new country, diving into entrepreneurship has been a roller coaster ride, filled with exhilarating highs and challenging lows. It is a test of resilience and innovation, a constant journey of learning and adapting.

Understanding the needs and wants of both customers and vendors has been a particularly enlightening experience. It has taught me to balance the scale between fulfilling customer expectations and respecting vendor capabilities. This journey, filled with unique challenges, has also revealed to me the pain points of being an employer and the joy of successful business milestones.

Being an IoT Thought Leader

As an entrepreneur, my ventures have led me towards the path of Internet of Things (IoT). The industry is still nascent, teeming with possibilities, and ripe for revolution. This has provided me the opportunity to educate the younger generation about the potential of IoT and nurture their innovative ideas.

The thrill of being an IoT thought leader lies in exploring the technology’s infinite potential and guiding others along the way. It’s about problem-solving on a grand scale, developing solutions that can simplify lives, boost businesses, and even reshape cities.


Choosing a life of adventure over security has its challenges, but for me, the rewards far outweigh the trials. Whether it’s exploring a foreign country, navigating the demanding world of entrepreneurship, or leading the charge in IoT innovation, every step in this journey has been filled with invaluable lessons and experiences. I wouldn’t trade this adventurous life for anything else. Adventure, after all, is the best way to learn, grow, and truly live.

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Life is Full of Adventure

When No New Ideas Are Generated

How do you know when it’s time to unplug? What do you do to make it happen?

At times, our marketing strategies don’t yield the desired results, despite trying various approaches. The growth we seek seems elusive, making it necessary to reconsider our tactics, whether that’s adjusting pricing, devising a new strategy, experimenting with alternative marketing platforms, tweaking our messaging, targeting a different customer base, or even introducing new products. If these efforts still fall short, it may be time to take a step back, to decompress and regain perspective.

I often find solace in vacations, peaceful beach walks, or revisiting my passion for photography, perhaps even catching up on some movies. I might not be able to completely disconnect from the digital world as I value the ability to stay connected and enjoy using my favorite mobile apps.

Does this approach always work? Not necessarily. But it occasionally provides fresh insights into the challenges I’m facing, which is a valuable starting point for innovative ideas.

What about your experiences?

Camping – Once During My Lifetime

Have you ever been camping?

That was during my University years (if not mistaken). I remembered that I had a motorcycle and taken a ride with some friends to can at Port Dickson beach.

It was more than 90km ride (I think this this furthest ride I have been during my younger years).

I don’t recall much but we set a camp at the beach for a one night stay.

As much as I would like to remember, but my memory nowadays don’t last that long.

That’s it!🤣

This is not Port Dickson but Sydney

How Many Blogs Can You Sustain?

What topics do you like to discuss?

Started with a single Blog that shares the electronic gadgets that I bought, now it has turned into too many blogs that cover topics on IoT, travel, technology and many others.

Some people blog just for the sake of blogging and don’t care if there are any followers or not.

But most of us will feel some satisfaction if there are people visited our blog everyday and leave comments.

Since my idea of blogging is to share my experience with others, of course, I wanted to see more visitors to my blog. Otherwise, what’s the use of blogging (for me).

But now, I feel very tired to maintain and sustain so many blogs.

Maybe I just need to categorise my Blog into two – Personal and Business.

What do you think?

Travel to Saudi – Preparations

It has been almost 2 years since I have last traveled overseas and that was to India just around the time before Malaysia closed down her borders. I was lucky enough not to be stuck in India during that travel restriction.

This time I have been fortunate to be invited by LEAP to be one of their speakers at the conference which is to be held 1-3 Feb. 2022. All traveling (including Visa) and accommodation expenses are borne by them.

However, due to many new procedures for travel due to Covid-19, I will share the preparation needed for my travel to Saudi Arabia.

  • Flight Reservation (Booked by host – Emirates)
  • Hotel Reservation (Booked by host – Hilton Riyadh Hotel & Residences)
  • Airport Transfers (Arranged by host)
  • VISA (Done by host via Saudi eVISA)
  • Muqeem Vaccination Regitration Predeparture. Need to apply a maximum of 72 hrs before departure)
  • Download Tawakkalna Application. Important: Please download the application to your phone prior to travel to KSA and have data roaming activated for use in KSA. You will ONLY be able to register once you arrive into KSA and have activated data roaming on your phone to receive the confirmation code via SMS.
  • Conduct RT-PCR Test at home i.e. 48 hours before departure. Since I am travelling on Sunday (30 Jan. 2022) at 01:30 hrs, I went to do my test on Friday at Poliklinik Dr. Medic at 9.40am and received the result (which is tested negative Covid) via WhatsApp 9.10 am Saturday (29 Jan. 2022). It cost me RM 180 which I paid via Bank Transfer and sent the rececipt to them one day earlier and requested for a Drive-In.
  • Request for Home Quarantine (4-10 days prior) arrival. Applied on Friday night and received the approved Home Quarantine by 4.36 am via email.
  • Register for Digital Tracker wrist band since I came from one of the listed countries that’s considered as high-risk countries by Malaysia.
  • Conduct RT-PCR Test at KSA (Saudi). The host has also arranged for this. Need to take the test at least 24 hrs prior flight departure.
  • Enable Roaming (Voice and Data). I am using Celcom. Check this Celcom Roaming charges.
  • [Latest Update] Covid-19 Insurance. I nearly missed my flight when the check-in counter requested for Covid-19 insurance. Luckily my Prudential Insurance covered the Covid-19. For travel, I need pay first and claim later (as described by my Agent). I just showed her my Insurance Policy (which I logged in via Pru Access)

I will update the traveling experience in my next post and probably need to update further update any arrangements for the RT-PCR test when arriving at Airport KLIA and using the digital bracelet (for people arriving from Saudi and some other high-risk countries) during quarantine for 5 days.

Travelog – Saudi (30 Januari 2022 – 5 Februarri 2022)