Can’t Live Without My iPhone

What’s the one luxury you can’t live without?

I believe my current iPhone Pro Max is the most expensive smartphone I have ever own.

Maybe with the same price, I can buy a laptop. I have never imagined a phone can be more expensive than a laptop.

On the other hand, this iPhone acts as a small laptop. It can run many apps which is available on a laptop such as Microsoft Office, video editing tools and many more. Although at times, serious editing using Canva or Powerpoint is far easier on Laptop or my Mac.

I carried this gadget all day long. It captures my moments and saves many of my personal data.

This is something I can’t live without. Why? Because if I forgot to bring my phone, I will quickly go back to fetch it.

How about you?

How I Started My YouTube Channel

I love gadgets and using latest tech. I wanted to document my experience and thus created a blog on this. Later, I decided to record and have my own YouTube channel.

The YouTube channel started almost 12 years ago. The first video was a Tutorial how to reduce a PDF file size using a Mac.

I named the channel “My Gadget” because most of the contents contained my gadget review. Especially the items which I purchased.

Also I reviewed about Apple iOS, the apps and the Jailbreak methods.

What’s interesting about the videos that was 12 years ago, it took quite an effort to record the video and edit them.

In the early videos, I was not that comfortable to speak in front of the camera. Thus, most of the videos are either silent or only with background music.

However, I am grateful and fortunate to first appear on TV9 called Segmen Gizmo being interviewed to comment on the recent gadget released by Apple.