Can’t Live Without My iPhone

What’s the one luxury you can’t live without?

I believe my current iPhone Pro Max is the most expensive smartphone I have ever own.

Maybe with the same price, I can buy a laptop. I have never imagined a phone can be more expensive than a laptop.

On the other hand, this iPhone acts as a small laptop. It can run many apps which is available on a laptop such as Microsoft Office, video editing tools and many more. Although at times, serious editing using Canva or Powerpoint is far easier on Laptop or my Mac.

I carried this gadget all day long. It captures my moments and saves many of my personal data.

This is something I can’t live without. Why? Because if I forgot to bring my phone, I will quickly go back to fetch it.

How about you?

Author: Mazlan Abbas

IOT Evangelist

7 thoughts on “Can’t Live Without My iPhone”

  1. I actually chose the laptop, but I could see how the iphone is enabling too. But those things are expensive. I use an Android myself. It suits all my purposes. well, nice article.

    1. Yeah it’s between my Macbook and iPhone. Both are important. But I can still afford to leave my Macbook at home but not my iPhone..:😅
      Thanks for your comment😊

      1. Oh, I can see what you mean, but without my laptop I would be severely limited. Nevertheless, I see your point about convenience.

  2. I guess that is why we now are getting a look at those new smart watches like Dick Tracy had. Hard to lose a phone you are wearing.

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