The Person Who Had A Positive Impact on My Life

Share a story about someone who had a positive impact on your life.

Without even realizing it, my late father imparted three invaluable lessons that significantly influenced my life.

During my early teenage years, I would accompany my father, a simple government clerk, to television repair shops. It was there he would obtain the TV circuit diagrams, and then fix the TVs single-handedly. Our backyard was filled with TVs lined up for repair – a sight I’ll never forget. I was never certain whether this was a part-time job for him or a personal hobby.

His ability to fix these TVs without any formal education in the field left me in awe.

Inadvertently, he gave me three essential lessons that have had a profound effect on my life:

Autodidacticism: There are many areas where formal education, like college or university, can impart knowledge. But there are also instances where we must seek out knowledge ourselves and become independent learners.

Overcoming Obstacles: If you put your entire heart and soul into something, it can be achieved. Yes, there will always be hurdles in your path, but persistence will eventually lead you to your destination. You’ll never know the realm of possibilities unless you try.

Inspiring Others: Unbeknownst to my late father, he was a constant source of inspiration to me. Imagine the impact we could have if we intentionally aimed to inspire others?

What about you? Who gives you a positive impact in your life?