The Myth of Overnight Success: The Inspirational Story of Colonel Sanders and KFC

In our society, there’s a pervasive belief that if you haven’t achieved your dreams by a certain age, you’ve missed your chance. We often hear tales of prodigies and young entrepreneurs, creating a skewed perception of success. However, the story of Colonel Harland Sanders, the founder of KFC, busts this myth wide open. At 62, an age when most people think of retiring, Sanders started what would become a global fast-food empire. But is the story as straightforward as it seems?

Colonel Sanders: Behind The Age Number

It’s tempting to see Sanders’ journey as an overnight success story that happened late in life. Yet, to fully appreciate it, one must delve into the details. From a young age, Sanders took on various jobs and faced his share of challenges. By 40, he ran a restaurant, which means he had two decades of experience in the food business before KFC became a household name. This was not a sudden leap into the unknown but a culmination of life-long learning, grit, and passion.

The Secret Recipe and Building from Scratch

Sanders’ secret chicken recipe was renowned among locals and travelers long before the brand KFC existed. This gave him a unique advantage. In contrast, many entrepreneurs, like myself with Favoriot, have to start with a blank slate, forging a brand identity and customer base from scratch.

Yet, this difference is precisely what makes the entrepreneurial journey so fascinating. Each story is unique. Every path is its own, filled with its own set of challenges, risks, and rewards. Some entrepreneurs may find smooth sailing, while others brave tumultuous storms. Some have a well-laid roadmap, while others venture through uncharted territory.

Entrepreneurship: A Journey of Resilience

The tale of Colonel Sanders is not one of immediate success but of persistence. He faced numerous rejections before his recipe was accepted. The narrative underscores that it’s not about when you start but how you persevere.

For those of us in the entrepreneurial world, these stories resonate deeply. Our journeys may differ in detail, but the underlying themes remain consistent. Determination, resilience, and adaptability are paramount.

In Conclusion

Colonel Sanders’ story with KFC is not just about age but about resilience, experience, and the value of never giving up. For budding entrepreneurs, his journey is a beacon of hope and a testament to the fact that it’s never too late to chase your dreams. Every journey is unique, and while not all paths will lead to global success, they all provide lessons that shape and enrich us.

Remember, entrepreneurship is less about the destination and more about the journey, the lessons learned, and the passion that drives you.

Author: Mazlan Abbas

IOT Evangelist

11 thoughts on “The Myth of Overnight Success: The Inspirational Story of Colonel Sanders and KFC”

  1. Beautiful easy to understand to me . But what is the use to get the success or make it in life at 60 ? Yes it’s motivational inspirational words and pick . But I asked my self that question and now sharing it with you . By the way I thought we follow each other somewhere as it took me time to find the post while I liked it from a different app 😂 true story.

      1. No of course . You are doing right now with your blog as I saw way better than what he did . And from your name sir Abbas ( I do not think you are looking for money or materials ) you can join my dream and make ( mazlan Abbas and hicham mneimne a brand or something that states forever and after we leave this world ) what do you think of that ? I been writing about this kfc story as it’s nothing but an illusion that makes us believe we will reach to 60 or 64 and still enjoy the money . Noooooooo am at 43 I need a full refurbishing ( hair , body , ect ) and what took you so long to answer man 😆 do not chaise dreams that are 50/50 chaise what is guaranteed you can . And you yourself when wrote this story , you highlighted more on the hidden part and that it’s not an overnight success ) so continue , you will do much better trust me .

  2. Colonel Sanders’ journey is a powerful reminder that success can come at any age, but it’s often a result of lifelong learning, perseverance, and passion. Indeed, entrepreneurship is about the journey and the lessons along the way. It’s a story that inspires us all to keep chasing our dreams, regardless of our age or starting point.🍇✅

    1. If you are responding to me , I for sure not a fan of the colonel nor the lesson , I only agree how the author put it all together especially when he tried to us it was never over night and nothing is over night . But for sure life is a journey but to this doesn’t inspire me in person and I believe the author is also not inspired but a good prophet raised .

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