Facing the Fear: My Reluctant Leap into the Startup World

Building a startup is no small feat. But sometimes, it isn’t the practical challenges that seem insurmountable – it’s the mental barriers we impose on ourselves. My journey from dreaming of robots to hesitating at the brink of entrepreneurship, and finally taking the plunge, is a testament to this very sentiment.

Childhood Ambitions: A Different Kind of Dream

As a child, the allure of science was undeniable. The ambition was singular: become a scientist, create robots, and make a dent in the technological world. Entrepreneurship was a path I’d never considered. In my eyes, it belonged to a different breed of dreamers.

Career Evolutions: The Safe Harbor

Life led me from the academic hallways of a university to the structured realms of the corporate world. My aspirations, while ambitious, were safely nested within known territories. The title of a Chief Technology Officer was my North Star. The CEO’s chair? That felt like an aspiration for someone else, someone more daring.

A Glimpse into Possibilities: Silicon Valley

2016 brought with it a paradigm shift. Silicon Valley was an eye-opener. Everywhere I looked, there were pioneers building their dreams, undeterred by age, background, or experience. The air was thick with innovation and courage. But despite this inspiration, my internal battles raged on. Could someone in their 50s, with no experience in building a company from the ground up, truly become a founder?

Confronting My Fears: The Realization

The hurdles seemed endless: no product, no team, no market understanding, and certainly no revenue. Yet, beneath these tangible concerns was an underlying fear of the unknown. I had built a narrative that entrepreneurship was a young person’s game, and my time had passed. But as the adage goes, “Better late than never.” I took a leap of faith.

The Entrepreneurial Grind: A Journey of Discovery

Embarking on this journey has reshaped my perspective. While books offer wisdom, it’s the lived experiences – the tough calls, the sleepless nights, the highs and lows – that truly illuminate the entrepreneurial path. It’s a road less traveled, filled with challenges but also unmatched learning and growth.

Conclusion: A Tribute to the Fearless

Today, as a founder, my respect has deepened for those who dare to dream and act, regardless of the odds. It’s a tough journey, but to every entrepreneur out there, know that you’re not alone. And for those hesitating on the brink due to self-imposed limitations, remember: the best time to start was yesterday, the next best time is now.

Author: Mazlan Abbas

IOT Evangelist

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