My Experience at the Two-Day Smart Cities Event: Juggling Multiple Roles

Day 1:

As dawn broke, my anticipation for the Smart Cities Event was palpable. A unique opportunity awaited me, one that was going to challenge my versatility – to serve as the Chairperson, a Speaker, and a Moderator all in the same event. The mere thought made my adrenaline rush, but I was determined to rise to the occasion.

Taking up the reins as the Chairperson, my initial responsibility lay in introducing the speakers. With meticulous research and profound respect for their work, I sought to present each speaker’s background in a way that was just and insightful. Managing time efficiently was crucial, ensuring the event flowed seamlessly and respected our shared schedule.

Particularly stimulating was engaging the audience during the Q&A sessions. I put in extra effort to prepare additional questions for the speakers, ensuring that everyone had something to answer. The goal was not only to stimulate dialogue but to ensure relevance and engagement. The process required a deep understanding of the topics and a keen sense of what would resonate with our audience.

Day 2:

On the second day, I stepped up to the podium as a Speaker, preparing a 45-minute talk on the topic of ‘IoT in Action: How Smart City Drive Data Driven Decision Making’. The audience’s questions pushed me to reflect more deeply on my subject matter, challenging me to provide thoughtful and comprehensive answers.

Later, I put on my Moderator’s hat for two panel sessions, with one of the panelists joining us virtually. Some of the topics were not necessarily my areas of expertise, but I embraced the challenge. Ensuring the questions posed were pertinent and meaningful was at the forefront of my approach. It was also essential to uphold fairness, allowing each speaker equal opportunities to express their views and insights.

The experience of multitasking was indeed tiring but equally rewarding. Despite the packed schedule and diverse roles, I found joy and fulfillment in the proceedings. What I took away was a deeper understanding of the topics, the joy of facilitating meaningful conversations, and the thrill of successfully multitasking in an event of such magnitude. I am profoundly grateful for the opportunity and the enriching experiences that these two days offered me. Here’s to embracing more such challenges and growing through them!

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