Morning – Most Productive Time

When do you feel most productive?

I woke up early – about 5.15am or 5.30 am. After Suboh prayers, I reached office about 7.00 am if not much traffic or 7.30 am latest.

This is my most productive time when there’s no one at the office.

I prepared and published all my social media contents such as TikTok videos or FB/IG Stories and Reels.

My computer browser will open up with ChatGPT as the default home.

ChatGPT is my saviour for my copy writing and content ideas. No longer my social media post will be lacking interesting call to action scripts.

I am able to write a couple of Blogs including Professional and Personal Blog articles.

I always used Canva for the posters. Previously I will use the free stock photos to decorate my poster, but now I am using Bing Image Creator (using AI) to create them.

With the help of ChatGPT to create the image prompt for the Bing Image Creator, I can have better photos.

If I am lazy, I will just use the images for my TikTok videos.

By 9.00 am, I will share my selected Blog articles to my WhatsApp Groups. Since I have two mailing lists – Mailchimp and Payhip, I will share similar or different contents.

That’s how I spent every morning if I don’t have external meetings.

Actually this morning routine, I have only started since January 2023 and I found it to be most productive time.

How about you?

Morning Person