A Tale of Two Pitches: Raqib’s Conception and IoT’s Uphill Battle

Embarking on an entrepreneurial voyage invariably involves exhilarating highs and perplexing lows.

In my initial two-year journey of crafting and nurturing a startup, extensive engagement with both pitching competitions and venture capitalists was a pivotal chapter.

Despite each pitch brimming with potential, our endeavors often encountered impassable barriers, failing to captivate those who held the keys to vital resources and backing.

Sowing Seeds: Raqib’s Inception

In this vibrant tapestry of experiences, Raqib was conceived as a luminous symbol of hope and ingenuity.

Its inception was meticulously planned, promising vigilant monitoring of elderly individuals and pilgrims navigating through the sacred rituals of Hajj.

Encouragement flowed from our immediate community, with the prototype receiving accolades and sparking optimism among friends and followers.

Nevertheless, the journey ahead was daunting, as Raqib struggled to navigate the complex landscape of market traction, customer acquisition, and fine-tuning its pricing strategy.

The Judicial Gaze: Navigating the Pitch Labyrinth

The arena of pitching competitions unveiled a discernible gap between potential and realized success.

While our initial presentations garnered affirmations from our close network, they consistently stumbled when facing the discerning eyes of judges and venture capitalists.

The absence of substantial market traction, coupled with Raqib’s ongoing pilot stage, emerged as recurrent themes of contention, often leading to disqualification.

Pandemic Shadows and a Strategic Pivot

The arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic cast a pervasive shadow over our aspirations, stalling Raqib’s forward momentum for an extended period. Amidst these turbulent times, a strategic pivot became imperative.

Our focus shifted towards developing an IoT platform, a venture that seemed to echo with the promise of market traction and offered a glimmer of hope amidst uncertainty.

IoT: Familiar Hopes Amidst Recurring Challenges

Armed with an IoT platform, we stepped back into the pitching spotlight with renewed enthusiasm.

Nonetheless, familiar challenges loomed large, with questions about scalability and immediate profitability undermining potential victories and transforming them into valuable learning experiences.

As the journey towards profitability continues at a measured pace, the extended sales cycles and hesitant market adoption characteristic of IoT products remain significant challenges to address and overcome.

A Resolve Towards Mastery in Pitching

With an indomitable spirit and insights gleaned from each pitching experience, the journey unfolds, revealing new horizons and possibilities.

As we inch towards profitability and grapple with scalability, I am hopeful of crafting a pitch that not only resonates profoundly but also emerges victorious in the demanding entrepreneurial battlefield.

A Call for Insights: Your Perspective is Invaluable

To our esteemed readers navigating through this narrative, your unique insights, constructive feedback, and sagacious suggestions are indispensable as we traverse these challenging terrains.

I extend a warm invitation for you to share your reflections and wisdom, potentially shedding light on our path and aiding in the creation of a compelling and triumphant pitch.

Engage with us through your comments, and thank you for being active participants in this enthralling journey.


Raqib’s story serves as a poignant allegory, underscoring that the process is equally, if not more, significant than the destination. Each pitch, irrespective of its immediate results, is a crucial stepping stone towards mastery and eventual success.

As we recalibrate and gear up for the next series of pitches with our IoT platform, your insightful contributions and steadfast support are eagerly anticipated and deeply valued.

Together, let’s navigate towards a future where pitches not only dazzle but unequivocally prevail.

Author: Mazlan Abbas

IOT Evangelist

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  1. Your entrepreneurial journey with Raqib is proof of resilience and adaptability. The challenges faced and the strategic pivot during the pandemic demonstrate your commitment to success. Keep refining your pitch, and with the valuable insights and support of your community, I’m sure you’ll achieve your goals in the entrepreneurial world. Best of luck with your IoT platform and future pitches!👍

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