Setting Sail Toward Growth: Increasing Readership & Monetizing My Medium Blog

Embarking on a Growth Adventure:

Amidst the quiet and vast digital landscape of blogging in Medium, my little corner has gradually seen a modest increase in readers – a total of six over the last year to be precise. This incremental growth, albeit small, serves as a wake-up call, prompting me to take decisive action. On September 25, 2023, I resolved to turn this faint whisper of growth into a powerful and engaging symphony, a lively exchange of ideas aimed at significantly expanding my readership.

Diving Deep with Premium:

In pursuit of this vibrant transformation, I’ve boldly stepped into the realm of premium membership on Medium. This move isn’t merely a financial investment or commitment. It embodies a deeper mission – an earnest endeavor not just to expand but to flourish, disseminate valuable insights, and foster meaningful connections. Through this enhanced platform, I intend to bring forth a captivating array of stories and fresh articles, each crafted meticulously to initiate not just one-sided communication but an interactive dialogue with you, the reader.

Embarking on a New Journey:

This new beginning is already showing signs of promise, with four readers recently hopping on board to accompany me on this exhilarating expedition of words and wisdom. Each new reader isn’t just a tick on the statistics board; they’re valued partners, contributing significantly to this collective adventure of discovery and learning.

A Different Narrative:

While the internet is flooded with tales of quick follower gains and successful monetization strategies, my writing seeks to explore a different kind of story. My approach isn’t derived from a lack of expertise in attracting followers but stems from a desire to share deeper, more personal narratives and experiences.

Entrepreneurship Chronicles:

My blog is set to unravel the intricate tapestry of my seven-year entrepreneurship journey, with each post shedding light on the triumphs celebrated and challenges encountered along the way. Like any entrepreneur, my journey has been a thrilling rollercoaster of ups and downs, filled with valuable lessons, minor and major victories, and unavoidable setbacks.

Insights on Entrepreneurial Life:

As we venture together through the tumultuous yet exciting landscape of entrepreneurship, my articles aspire to serve as guiding beacons of insight, offering reflections on the multifaceted, dynamic life of an entrepreneur – a life characterized by continuous cycles of founding, failing, learning, and succeeding.

Join Me on This Journey:

Here’s my heartfelt invitation to you: Stay engaged and walk alongside me through both archived and freshly minted tales detailing an entrepreneur’s journey. With a new story unraveling daily, your readership, participation, and company will be greatly appreciated and treasured.

Your involvement in this journey is not just reflected in reader statistics; it represents a valuable partnership, crucial to the odyssey we’re about to undertake together, exploring untold stories and navigating uncharted territories in the world of entrepreneurship. Let’s see where this exciting journey leads us, shall we? Let’s explore together!

Author: Mazlan Abbas

IOT Evangelist

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