Why You Need ChatGPT Assistance in Blog Writing: A Journey from AI-Generated to Authentic Content

The Early Days: Relying Solely on AI

When ChatGPT was first introduced, it was easy to get carried away by the allure of automated content generation. With just a one-liner prompt, the tool could churn out a full-length blog article in a matter of seconds. This was particularly tempting for technical blogs, where generating informative and fact-based content is often time-consuming. However, the shortcut came at a cost. The articles often lacked authenticity and felt “too AI-generated,” with similar wordings appearing across multiple posts. The promise of an AI-powered blog seemed to undermine the originality that readers seek.

The Pitfall: Loss of Authenticity

The issue of authenticity is no small matter. In an age where readers are flooded with information, standing out requires delivering not just facts, but a unique voice and perspective. Using AI to generate articles compromised this very essence, making the content feel artificial and less engaging.

The Turning Point: Changing Strategy

However, this doesn’t mean that ChatGPT lacks utility. The turning point came with a shift in approach. Instead of using ChatGPT to generate articles from scratch, why not use it as a supplement to enhance original content?

The New Approach: AI as a Copywriter

By writing the initial draft manually, the core of the article remains authentic, original, and true to the author’s voice. Points are laid out based on one’s own understanding and interpretation of the subject, without obsessing over grammar or nuances. Then comes ChatGPT, serving as a virtual copywriter.

Using prompts like “Write a blog about…” or “Rewrite the blog in a more human manner,” ChatGPT refines the article. It corrects grammatical errors, enhances vocabulary, and structures the content better. The result? A well-written article that maintains its originality while benefitting from the finesse that AI can offer.

Why This Matters: Best of Both Worlds

With this new strategy, ChatGPT becomes a tool for enhancement rather than a shortcut for content creation. You get to keep your unique voice and viewpoints, while the AI takes care of making the content more polished and professional. It’s like having an on-demand copywriter, but without the risk of diluting your originality.

In Conclusion

ChatGPT has proven to be an invaluable asset when used thoughtfully. It may not replace the creative spark that only a human can provide, but it certainly can refine it. By changing how we use this powerful tool, we can reconcile the drive for efficiency with the need for authenticity, giving our readers the best of both worlds.

Note: The blog above was written with the help of AI ChatGPT-4. The prompt as shown below:

“Write a blog why I need to get the assistance of ChatGPT in my blog writing. When ChatGPT was early introduced, I used the AI tool blindly by using simple one liner prompt to generate the full contents of my blogs especially my technical blog. Although I have written or get AI to generate many articles, but the authenticity of the articles feel so fake or too AI-generated. Similar wordings appear multiple times in different articles. However, lately I have changed my strategy of using the prompt but depend very much on my original content. I must admit that my English and the comprehension was not so great. I will write the full content by myself with all the important points without focusing too much on the grammar and nuances. Then, I will use ChatGPT prompt such as “Write a blog about …. “ or regenerate the blog with another prompt such as “Rewrite the blog in a more human manner: (copy and paste the previous blog)”. I no longer felt cheating my readers because I know the contents of my blog are original except like I am using AI as my copywriter to help my English and convey in a better structured manner.”

Author: Mazlan Abbas

IOT Evangelist

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  1. Your perspective on using AI, like ChatGPT, as a supplement rather than a sole content creator is spot on. It strikes a balance between efficiency and authenticity, offering the best of both worlds. Adapting AI tools in this way enhances content without sacrificing the unique voice and perspective that readers value. Great insight!🎶📚

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