The Unexpected Routes of Favoriot’s IoT Journey

Setting Sail with Big Dreams
Embarking on the Favoriot IoT platform journey, we had stars in our eyes. We visualized vast markets and grander customer bases, but reality often writes its own script.

A Surprising Source of Revenue
The initial days brought surprising lessons. Revenue streams and traction sources we hadn’t even considered became the lifeline that sustained us during challenging times.

The Magnetism of the Favoriot Brand
Our prowess in the IoT domain resonated far and wide. Suddenly, we found ourselves inundated with requests from curious minds and esteemed organizations, all seeking expertise in IoT.

Training: The Unforeseen Success
To address the mounting interest, we introduced our distinctive IoT training. The crux? The Favoriot IoT platform. Unlike others, our sessions sidestepped the intricacies of hardware creation, focusing instead on harnessing the IoT platform. With existing IoT kits, participants could swiftly construct IoT solutions and visualize their work on the Favoriot dashboard.

A Curriculum that Resonated
The response was overwhelming. Our training modules soon bifurcated into two core categories – Fundamental and Advanced. Both came with the promise of Professional Certificates post a rigorous examination.

Crafting the Next Generation of IoT Enthusiasts
But our ambitions weren’t just limited to short-term training. We envisioned the Favoriot platform as an educational cornerstone for university lecturers and students. The dream was for Favoriot to become the go-to for academic IoT projects, enabling students to experience real-world IoT solution crafting within their lab confines and through their project tasks.

Beyond the Classroom: Real-world Deployment
The educational phase was just the beginning. As our name spread and more adopted our platform’s capabilities, we ventured into the vast realm of real-world deployments. We began assisting IoT device manufacturers in expediting their hardware processes and even collaborated with metropolises, integrating Favoriot as the backbone of their Smart City IoT frameworks.

In reflection, the Favoriot journey stands as a testament to the unpredictable avenues of the tech world. While we started with a definite blueprint, the unfolding reality steered us down paths we hadn’t imagined, teaching us the invaluable lesson of adaptability.

Author: Mazlan Abbas

IOT Evangelist

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