Why I’ve Been Quiet Here: My Journey with Medium

It’s been a noticeable while since I last penned down my thoughts here. I owe you an explanation, and I want to share some exciting developments in my writing journey.

For starters, I am now actively blogging over at Medium. For those unfamiliar, Medium is one of the eminent platforms for writers, offering a unique space to share stories, ideas, and insights. Many compare it to WordPress, and while both have their merits, Medium has become my recent writing sanctuary.

Although I first became a member of Medium back in December 2015, my activity there dwindled over the years. However, everything changed this September when I joined the Medium Partner Program. This move reignited my passion for writing, motivating me to write daily. The consequence? My updates here became less frequent.

My recent commitment to Medium has left me in a contemplative state: do I continue managing two separate blogs or transition entirely to Medium? Maintaining two platforms is indeed a challenge, as it divides my attention and might dilute the quality of my content. On the other hand, I’ve built memories and connections here, making it hard to let go.

So, I’m in a phase of experimentation. I’m evaluating what works best for me, for you – my readers, and for the content I want to deliver. Your feedback, as always, is invaluable during this transitional phase.

In the interim, if you’re curious about my recent articles and want to follow my daily writings, I invite you to join me on Medium. It’s a fantastic platform, and I’m sure you’ll find the experience enriching, whether you’re a reader or a fellow writer.

In closing, regardless of where I write, know that my commitment to sharing genuine, heartfelt content remains unchanged. Thank you for being a part of this journey, and I promise to keep you updated about my ultimate decision.

Until next time, keep reading and exploring.