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Hi, I’m Mazlan.

IoT Notes by Mazlan Abbas

For the past many years, I have received similar questions again and again. Finally, I decided to write simple notes (hand-drawn and with the help of some multimedia tool) regarding IoT. This can be used for lecture notes or as a simple way to understand IoT. Initially, I made this a paid version, but finally, … Continue reading “IoT Notes by Mazlan Abbas”

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Smart Nation, Smart Cities, and Smart Industries

The fifth session of the World Digital Economy and Technology Summit 2022 (28-29 June 2022) was centered on creating smart nations, smart cities, and smart industries with an eye on sustainability. Panelists: Goh Seok Mei, Executive Director, United Cities, Malaysia Tirupathi Karthik, Chief Executive Officer, Napier Healthcare Solutions Pte Ltd., Singapore Mark Thomas, Founder & … Continue reading “Smart Nation, Smart Cities, and Smart Industries”

Professional Profile Magazine Featuring Mazlan Abbas

Professional Profile Magazine Featuring Dr. Mazlan Abbas

Acknowledgment In early 2021, a group of second-year students (Fatehah, Chau Bing Heng, Teh Jing Ye, and Nazarudin) from the School of Engineering, UTM invited me for an online interview for their course subject “Graduate Success Attribute”. Finally, they came up with the above “magazine” as part of their group project. However, I only received … Continue reading “Professional Profile Magazine Featuring Dr. Mazlan Abbas”


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