Navigating Dreams to Reality: My Story

The Seeds of a Dream

My journey began in the realm of dreams, in the chapters of my early life.

As a child, I was utterly captivated by the world of science fiction, with its intriguing robots and incredible adventures.

This wasn’t just a fleeting childhood phase; it was the dawn of a path that would shape my entire career.

My aspiration to become a scientist, sparked by these fictional tales, built the foundation for everything that was to come.

From Fiction to Passion

As I grew up, my understanding of what it meant to be a scientist was somewhat vague, but my fascination with robots and science fiction stories never faded.

This passion, far deeper than just a childhood interest, became my guide through both my education and professional life.

I made a crucial decision to study Electrical Engineering, a step that deepened my affinity for technology. The once fictional concepts I admired in stories were transforming into realities, fuelling my ambitions and dreams.

A Career Intertwined with Technology

My professional path, though it diverged from my initial dream of designing robots, became deeply entwined with the world of technology.

My academic career flourished at UTM, where I ascended to the role of Head of Telematics Research.

This success opened the doors to notable industry roles, such as being the Vice President of R&D at Celcom and the Senior Director at MIMOS.

In these capacities, I contributed significantly to the fields of Internet technology, Electronics, and Telecommunications, showcasing the breadth and depth of my expertise.

A Gadget Enthusiast’s Life

Personally, my passion mirrors my professional pursuits.

Unlike many who find joy in cars, I find my excitement in the latest technological gadgets.

I spend my leisure time exploring and keeping up with the newest tech trends, often being one of the first to get my hands on new products from brands like Apple.

This aspect of my life, which I plan to delve into more in future stories, highlights my continuous enthusiasm for technology.

The Power of Childhood Dreams

My journey is a testament to the profound impact of childhood dreams on one’s career path.

My story beautifully illustrates how a young boy’s fascination with the realms of science fiction and robotics carved a path for a distinguished career in technology and telecommunications.

It’s a narrative that powerfully shows the immense influence that even the most whimsical dreams can have in shaping our lives and careers.

Author: Mazlan Abbas

IOT Evangelist

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