The Dilemma of Letting Go: Is It Time to Close My IoT World Blog?

Blogging is not just about sharing thoughts. It’s about passion, dedication, and commitment. I have poured all of this into my “IoT World Blog” since 2016. However, I’m now at a crossroads, pondering whether it’s time to bid farewell to this chapter of my blogging journey.

The Stats:
It’s not that the IoT World Blog is unsuccessful. Quite the opposite! It boasts a substantial 2K-3K views per month. But numbers aren’t the only determinant of whether to keep a blog alive.

The Factors:

  1. Multiple Blogs, One Blogger: Managing four active blogs is a challenge. It’s a constant juggle, and while I have been keeping up with it, there’s a looming question: Is it sustainable in the long run?
  2. The Allure of Medium: My newest venture on Medium not only offers a platform for written articles but also has a monetization aspect through the Partner Program. A month into publishing consistently, and the returns seem promising.
  3. The Weight of Research: The IoT World Blog, given its technical nature, requires thorough research to keep it current. It’s a time-consuming endeavor and maintaining this standard is becoming tiring.
  4. Alternative Outlets: I still have the avenue of my personal “Mazlan Abbas Blog” for sharing content. Additionally, the “Favoriot Blog,” associated with my company, is also an option. Both provide platforms to share without the pressure of extensive research.

The Transition:
If I decide to close the IoT World Blog, it’s crucial to ensure a smooth transition for my dedicated readers. A suggestion could be to keep the blog running for another year. During this time, I can inform and redirect my followers to my other blogs. It provides them with continuity and ample time to adjust.

Seeking Suggestions:
This decision isn’t an easy one. I seek your thoughts and opinions. Do you think closing the blog is a wise choice? How can I make the transition smoother for my readers? Your feedback is invaluable.

In conclusion, while the thought of closing down a blog is emotionally taxing, it might be a necessary step for personal growth and to focus energy on platforms that are more aligned with my current goals and capabilities. It’s all about evolving and adapting in the dynamic world of digital content. Whatever the decision, the journey of the “IoT World Blog” has been incredible, and I’m grateful for every reader who’s been a part of it.

Author: Mazlan Abbas

IOT Evangelist

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