Midjourney Prompt Tips: Creative Arts

Would you like to use Midjourney to produce creative desktop wallpapers?

Here’re some sample prompts:

/imagine prompt: A highly detailed colorful drawing. Using a parametric equation to create captivating art. x(t) = A * cos(a * t) * cos(t) + A * sin(b * t) * cos(t) and y(t) = A * cos(a * t) * sin(t) + A * sin(b * t) * sin(t), Where ‘A’, ‘a’, and ‘b’ are constants, and ‘t’ ranges from 0 to 2π. –ar 16:9

Or you can use a simpler prompt with another object:

/imagine prompt: a highly detailed airbrush painting, using a parametric equation to create captivating art, a fractal, a captivating abstract design with a dragon head in the middle –ar 16:9

You can download the wallpapers HERE.

Midjourney Tutorial and Tips

Author: Mazlan Abbas

IOT Evangelist

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