IoT Training

Internet of Things: Business Implications and Opportunities

Session Summary 

This one (1) day fast-paced deep dive into the Internet of Things (IoT) is designed for business executives, business owners and entrepreneurs who want to understand what the Internet of Things (IoT) is, how to begin their IoT journey and its potential impacts to a business.

Dr. Mazlan Abbas, CEO & Co-Founder of FAVORIOT will guide you through the details of IoT from business case formulation, business strategy to implementation, describing key decisions and how to avoid the main pitfalls. It is geared towards people who need to understand IoT, what opportunities it offers and how to implement IoT solutions in their business.

Areas covered are:

IoT Core Concepts, Business Implications and Opportunities

  • Underlying Technologies and Concept of IoT
  • Assessing Business Opportunities
  • How to Introduce IoT in your business using s simple Business Model Canvas
  • Creating your own IoT Journey and Project checklist
  • The course provides simple examples and analogies to help participants understand what IoT is, what it can deliver and how it can be implemented in an everyday scenario.

What Will You Learn?

First 3.5 hours (1/2 day) session

  • IoT Core Concepts
    • History of IoT
    • The core concepts of IoT – Sensors, Connectivity, and Applications
    • IoT and its relation to Digital Transformation and IR 4.0
  • The Types of Problems IoT Solves.
    • IoT might make things smarter and easier, but what real-world problem can IoT potentially solve? And what issues can it solve right now? What kind of data is critical to collect?
  • How to Spot IoT Opportunities
    • How to train users across your organization – including business leaders – to spot IoT opportunities, develop business plans and prepare for their journey.
  • How to take your first steps in your IoT journey

Second 3.5 hours (1/2 day) session

  • Recap of the first day
  • How to Overcome Possible Challenges
    • The Possible Issues And Problems Companies and Individuals May Face When Getting Started With IoT
  • How organizations can benefit from new revenue streams or new business opportunities generated by new business models and services.
    • Building IoT Business Canvas
    • Moving from technology-based to outcome-based business model
  • Building the Internet of Things Checklist
    • Using a Project IoT Workbook from Maciej Kranz


  • No prior knowledge of data science, AI, machine learning, or statistics is required. Basic Understanding of Fundamental Business concepts.
  • Very basic Telecommunications Technology and Internet understanding

Required Software

  • No Software required

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